Dementia Sensitive

Dementia Friendly Communities

In a Dementia Friendly community, every part of the community plays a role and works together to create a Dementia Friendly culture. It’s all about partnerships: partnerships with those diagnosed with Dementia; partnerships with those caring for loved ones with Dementia; partnerships with religious organizations, Law Enforcement and First Responders; partnerships with schools; and partnerships with businesses and the community to promote awareness of Dementia. Dementia Friendly is much more than simply being kind to those impacted by Dementia. A Dementia Friendly community is one where those living with Dementia and their care partners feel respected, supported, and included in every day community life. Dementia Friendly communities build infrastructure to support and take responsibility for enlarging the beneficial effect of services for individuals with Dementia and their caregivers. Communities can develop new models of collaborative service delivery and advocacy. A Dementia Friendly community is a place where individuals with Dementia:
  • Are able to live good lives.
  • Have the ability to live as independently as possible.
  • Continue to be part of their communities.
  • Are met with understanding.
  • Are given support where necessary.